Friday, March 3, 2017

Summary of case studies

A summary of all case studies defined to the present date can be seen below:
Data of event Brief description Affected regions and cities Labels Link to blog entry
03 dec 2016 Trough in higher levels and the SA Low Level Jet transporting humidity in low levels to the region. goldencase, windgust, hail Piracicaba, Jundiaí and Campinas link
18 - 19 dec 2016 Thermodynamic conditions lead to several convective systems goldencase, windgust, hail São Paulo, Campinas, Guarulhos, Paraiba Valley and Campos de Jordão link1, link2
25 dec 2016 Instability conditions in the region lead to several convective systems goldencase, windgust, hail Campinas, Paraiba Valley and São Carlos link
28 dec 2016 An anticyclonic area in middle levels largely inhibited convection due to the subsidence. However, when the heat and humidity were able to broke this barrier, strong convection was observed with heavy rain and strong wind gusts. silvercase, windgust, hail RMSP, Campinas, São José dos Campos and Guaratinguetá link
03 jan 2017 Instability conditions in the region lead to several convective systems silvercase, windgust São Paulo, Paraiba Valley and Indaiatuba link
07 jan 2017 Strong rains cause flooded streets and isolated neighborhoods in the affected regions goldencase, windgust São Paulo and Paraiba Valley link
15-16 jan 2017 Atmospheric conditions favorable for the formation of several convective cells in the area of study on the 15th and 16th of January. Strong rains cause flooded streets, accumulated rain broke records goldencase, windgust São Paulo, Campinas and Paraiba Valley link1, link2
15-17 jan 2017 On the 17th, a ZCOU was configured between Mato Grosso and São Paulo, later evolving to a ZCAS, leading to high levels of accumulated rain and floods. the event marks the beginning of the event goldencase São Paulo, Campinas and Paraiba Valley link1, link2, link3
26 jan 2017 Squall line silvercase, windgust São Paulo and Campinas link
30 jan 2017 An upper tropospheric cyclonic vortex over Paraguay favored convection in the south and southeast of Brazil goldencase, hail Jundiaí and Campinas link
31 jan 2017 Squall line goldencase, hail Sorocaba, Itú, Araraquara link
02 feb 2017 Squall line silvercase RMSP, Campinas link
04 feb 2017 Squall line silvercase, goes RMSP, São José dos Campos link
06 feb 2017 Atmospheric conditions favorable for the formation of several convective cells in the area of study. High number of lightning detected in the Paraiba Valley. hail, silvercase, windgust, lightning, goes São Paulo, Campinas, Paraiba Valley link
22 feb 2017 Located storm over São Paulo city formed due to the combined effect of strong diurnal heating and the sea breeze effect caused heavy rains, extensive hail and fast floods goldencase, hail, windgust São Paulo, Limeira link
24 feb 2017 Heavy rains caused floods in Sao Paulo city. Congonhas airport was closed for two hours. A wall collapsed causing the death of a woman. Hail was reported in at least three points. silvercase, hail São Paulo link
05-08 mar 2017 Several storms registered from 5th to 8th, due to the atmospheric unstable conditions resulting from the diurnal heating and cold front that later advanced toward Sao Paulo state. Floods and heavy rain registered in several cities. Hail detected in Piracicaba goldencase, hail São Paulo, São José dos Campos, Piracicaba, Jundiaí, Limeira, Campos de Jordão, Sorocaba, Campinas, Bragança Paulista link1, link2, link3, link4
13 mar 2017 Heavy rains and hail in Baurú. C silvercase, hail Baurú link
14 mar 2017 Heavy rains and hail in the division between Campinas and Indaiatuba and in Jacarei. silvercase, hail Campinas, Indaiatuba, Jacarei link
05 mai 2017 Several storms, in many cases with hail, were reported in the São Paulo state. In Pederneiras, near Bauru, hail covered railways and caused floods. goldencase, hail Pederneiras link
19 mai 2017 In Dracena, near Presidente Prudente, strong hail damaged cars and house roofs and leave the municipality in an emergency state. goldencase, hail Dracena link


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