Friday, June 2, 2017

Case sudy: May 19th, 2017

In the São Paulo state, atmospheric instability favored the formation of storms. In Dracena, near Presidente Prudente, strong hail damaged cars and house roofs and leave the municipality in an emergency state with 40 families homeless after the event; wind gusts were also reported (news here , here, here, here and here).

Lightning strike as detected by Rindat network in the region can be seen below:

The following images show the CAPPI 3km from  Radars Presidente Prudente and Bauru (source CPTEC):

Satellite images from GOES can be seen below:

GOES visible channel images (source CPTEC):

GOES IR (highlited) channel images (source CPTEC):

GOES WV channel images (source CPTEC):

Preliminary, non-operational IR (highlited) satellite images from GOES 16 near the time of the event can be seen below (source CPTEC):