Monday, February 20, 2017

Case study: February 2nd, 2017

On this day a squall line impacted São Paulo metropolitan region, Campinas, and other cities in the state. Although the storms were not as severe as some that occurred in the past January, the rains led to local flash floods (news here and here). This case is interest in particular from the modeling point of view.

Lightning strike as detected by Brasildat network within a 180 km radius centered in Campinas can be seen below:


The following images show the CAPPI 3km from Radar São Roque (source CPTEC):

The following images show the VIL values:

The following images show the EchoTop 20dBz values:

Satellite images from GOES can be seen below:

GOES visible channel images (source CPTEC):

GOES IR (highlited) channel images (source CPTEC):

GOES WV channel images (source CPTEC):

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